Wordpress Security Solution

Protect your Wordpress website against unauthorized access and potential money loss

You can hire us to enumerate vulnerabilities for your Wordpress website and implement the fix for each one found.

What does we check for?
  • The version of WordPress installed and any associated vulnerabilities
  • What plugins are installed and any associated vulnerabilities
  • What themes are installed and any associated vulnerabilities
  • Username enumeration
  • Users with weak passwords via password brute forcing
  • Backed up and publicly accessible wp-config.php files
  • Database dumps that may be publicly accessible
  • If error logs are exposed by plugins
  • Media file enumeration
  • Vulnerable Timthumb files
  • If the WordPress readme file is present
  • If WP-Cron is enabled
  • If user registration is enabled
  • Full Path Disclose
  • Upload directory listing
  • and much more...

Why should you protect website?

Hackers use tool to scan millions of websites and automatically infect them with malware. Once your website is infected
  • A hacker may ruin your company reputation and business
  • You may lose access to your website and files
  • You may get blocked by your hosting company
  • You may pay high price for development work to clean the malware

By purchasing our package, your website has a 0 % chance of being infected.

Please use the form below to get work done within 24 hours:

Order security scan report and fixes for €120 €39

For larger amounts we offer payment via the Escrow Service Provider. To read more about Escrow, please follow this link: https://www.escrow.com/

What Our Customers Say

We've helped hundreds of clients with custom server solutions, enabling them to operate much more efficient and secure than they ever did before.

My customers didn't experience a single minute of downtime since I moved my services over to Idol Plus.

Marko Barešić
Chemical Industries

Idol Plus helped me with a professional custom server solution when my business was so rapidly growing my old system couldn't handle the load anymore.

Martina Mezdjić
HQ Streaming Company

By switching to Idol Plus we were able to decrease the worldwide app latency immensely.

Ana Lukić
SAAS Billing Solutions